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About Us


The Palindrome Art Collective started off as a group of friends who wanted to have a concert. After many years of experience in the entertainment industry, they saw a need for a stage where artists would be able showcase their talents in a truly authentic way. New York City is a place where artists have historically found it difficult to exist in an industry that’s notorious for leaving talent with the short end of the stick; so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create an environment where artists can not only hone their craft, but will feel empowered by their abilities to bring something to the table whenever opportunities arise. Palindrome Arts Collective is a group that helps budding creatives navigate from idea, to execution. We believe that art is at its best in its truest form, and we have created an environment where from any angle, you will see a reflection of that truth.

Palindrome’s History

Palindrome Arts Collective began when a group of friends who wanted to have an event took it upon themselves to create the stage they’ve always wanted for themselves. They wanted a place where they would be able to showcase their talents to their friends, family, and anyone else who would listen; but quickly discovered that the type of stage that they wanted didn’t really exist; so in 2018, they created their own. Through personal contacts they were able to find a venue that allowed them the freedom to express themselves as artists and held the first Showcase in June of that same year.

Their very first show featured singers, poets and a 3-piece band in a room no bigger than your average NYC apartment, and thus, Palindrome Artist Showcase was born.

Their first event went so well they decided to capitalize on that moment and use it to gain momentum for the other types of events they wanted to hold moving forward. Through their first event they were able to build a relationship with the venue’s owners and for the next two years, they hosted a number of events, including open mics and jam sessions, which helped them discover that they had a knack for helping artists find the stage that they needed.

In the years since #ThePalindromeTeam has taken their artist showcase and transformed it into a full company that hosts events all over the city; or at least they used to up until the Global Pandemic that is Covid-19. The entertainment industry lost the ability to have live performance experiences on a global scale; but even this cloud had a silver lining. The unfortunate circumstances they found themselves in challenged the team to think of ways they could have a safe performing experience and that would allow them to continue to provide the stage that they loved - in a whole new way. It took some time, and over a year of brainstorming before they realized that by combining all of their individual experiences, they had a way to show the world that as a collective they still had plenty to offer. With this newfound hope, the collective began moving toward creating digital content while moving their roster of events to a virtual platform; applying their individual backgrounds in education, sales, and business, they decided to expand their horizons by creating programs that would serve artists and patrons alike.

Through Palindrome Arts Collective, artists of all levels of expertise can have access to a safe environment where they can refine their artistry, and have the opportunity to shift their creative ideas into work that can propel them to the next stage of their careers.


 Meet #ThePalindromeTeam

The Team

Our team is full of multifaceted individuals who are all talented in their own right. Each and every member of our team has chosen to exercise their gifts to strengthen their artistry throughout various aspects of life in the performing arts.


Jordan W. Watkins

Chief Executive Officer


Alyson L. Brown

Chief Operating Officer


Federico E. Zegarra

Director Of Sound & Technology

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