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Virtual Community

The Palindrome House

The Palindrome House is the virtual home for Palindrome Arts Collective on Clubhouse

Virtual Game Night

Every Thursday night at 6:00 PM Eastern, we host a virtual game on Clubhouse!


Discord is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications platform that we use to connect with our community! Palindrome has built its own private Discord server, complete with text & voice channels and is where we go to virtually hang out with you all! 


Access to the Palindrome Arts Collective server is exclusive to our Patreon. That means only members of our community will be able to interact with us using Discord!


To log onto our server, join our Patreon community!


We’ll see you there!

Patreon is the membership platform that we use to interact with our community! When you subscribe to our Patreon it grants us the ability to give you all a glimpse into our lives and creates another way for us to share our artistry. We’re constantly working to grow and develop as artists, and Patreon is where we can go to pull back the curtain and show you how we do what we do.


Through the support of our patrons, we’re able to curate events and create content we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.


All of our tiers give you the same level of access to our content, including sneak peeks on upcoming projects, early access to all of our content, behind the scenes footage and Patreon exclusive content. The different tiers are available for the sole purpose of giving us more ways to connect with the people who make all of this possible.

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