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Artist Development

Palindrome Arts Collective is an organization that offers various services for Creatives.

Artist Development Program: Palindrome Institute

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our artist development program Palindrome Institute!

Our goal is to help artists fine tune each aspect of their performances!


Our Artist Development Program is a combination of coaching sessions, consulting, and networking where our team supports artists as they prepare for performances and their next step on their journey. These performances might range from auditions, reel content, stage performances, interviews, and anywhere in between. Our team of musicians and performers offer a well rounded assessment for each class that will help these artists achieve their goals. The acting sessions consist of a live workroom where focused exercises, script work, delivery ideas, vocal production, and stage presence is exercised.


The Artist Studios will serve as the vehicle for artists of all disciplines to receive training and personalized instruction tailored to meet their specific needs. Through the Artist Studio, and by extension through the Studio Heads, participants will gain technical and artistic benefits, including learning: technique, how to express themselves more freely and the art of commanding a stage. Additionally, participants will receive performance practice, catalog & repertoire development and have opportunities to explore their artistry in a safe environment.

Triple Threat                  Homeroom Teacher: Silhauette

Sovereign Sound          Homeroom Teacher: Jordan Watkins

The Academy

The Academy is our Artist Bootcamp.

The Academy is an 8 week program designed for each client. Following a consultation, artists are given a jump start to their personalized success plan with a unique step by step program. Here, artists will have concentrated progress on their craft.

The Auditorium

The auditorium is our platform for workshops, masterclasses & lectures. These sessions will serve as an encouraging environment where writing, voice, movement, and stage presence will be exercised.

Study Hall

Palindrome X The Klassic Brand: Collaborating with The Klassroom, Study Hall will be where participating artists will hone their craft through independent study.

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