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On top of all the services we offer, Palindrome hosts a number of events, the majority of which feature live music!

Anytime you hear music at a Palindrome event, you’re hearing our house band, OASIS.

OASIS is our clam in the midst of chaos.

It’s where we go for a safe space; our place of refuge.

Palindrome Artist Series

The Artist Series are all of our curated events.

Palindrome Artist Showcase

Our Artist Showcase is a platform for established/semi-established artists to showcase their craft. This consists of all artists in our community and serves as a goal for artists following the Artist Development Program. These events spotlight our resident artists, whose performances you can look forward to quarterly.

The Refuge

The Refuge is the name of Palindrome’s Open Mic & Jam Session series. We call it The Refuge because a refuge is a place where you are protected from any threat or danger, and that’s exactly what this platform is; a safe space for artists to freely express their art.

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